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szkic street
caly napis street
szczegol street 1

The projcet was designed for a yearly contest held by Asphalt Bikes a fixed gear bike shop from Warsaw. The task was to interpret a slogan “The Street” in any creative way and place it inside the shop window. To make the graphics i used memories of places where i used to live as a kid. I made a sign “this is my street” making the letters out of trees, clouds and bulidngs. I wanted to give the sense of what my street looked like, how i’ve seen it. It was a very fun thing, to go back to my childhood memories. Check it out, hope you like it!


If you are interested in more details, go to the contest facebook site



or visit Asphaltbikes.com

witryna sklep street
szczegol street 2
szczegol street 3